Quasimodo Pottery
  Mayne Island, BC

  Local, functional tableware exquisitely handcrafted with visually flowing
  designs inspired by Celtic knotwork and geometric patterns

  The Glass Foundry (Mark Lauckner)
  Salt Spring Island, BC

  Environmentally friendly glass starfish, slugs, bowls and ornaments
  dedicated solely to utilizing recycled glass in a variety of vivd colours

  Lighthouse Pottery & Gifts
  Mayne Island, BC

  One-of-a-kind bowls, mugs, plates and other assorted dinnerware
  experimenting with a plethora of glazing techniques and combinations
  Mussels & More Pottery
  Campbell River, BC

  Elaborately-crafted bowls and dishes emulating the shells of mussels,
  scallops, oysters, cockles and more; perfect for dining like a mermaid

  Kim Korol
  Mayne Island, BC

  Mugs, tumblers and bowls that resonate with natural-inspired tones and textures,
  playing with patterns and depth and finished with rich yet rustic terra sigillata

  Laurie MacCallum Pottery
  Galiano Island, BC

  Contemporary functional and decorative stoneware inspired
  by coastal surroundings and down-to-earth island living

  Sharon Bussard Grove Pottery
  Sooke, BC

  Beautiful celadon green pottery exploring the subtle nuances of surface
  and form, ebbing and flowing between function and sculpture

  Illuminati Glassworks
  Gabriola Island, BC

  Impeccably crafted fused glass bowls, plates and coasters with obsessive
  attention to detail, reflecting a fiery love affair with design, light and colour

  Anthony Jamieson Designs
  Mayne Island, BC

  Custom, cast architectural glass playing with pattern and form,
  crafted in both functional and decorative styles and motifs

  Sandra Ramos Ceramics
  Madeira Park, BC

  Sculptural, functional and unique ceramic wall art and tableware, produced in
  wood-fired kilns with salt introduced to create organic textures and colours